Cycle Tour Update: Da Nang to Hoi An

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After my huge day on the bike yesterday, I knew I needed to take it a little easier today. My friend had mentioned to me that I should not miss Hoi An. He was right. Da Nang was a cool place but its far too busy for my likings. I used to love the hustle and bustle of big city life but now I gravitate towards the peaceful and quiet.

Also while riding in to Da Nang, I was told to ‘fuck off’ a few times by some of the locals who thought they were funny. Stuff like that doesn’t get me mad but it isn’t very welcoming in to the city :P . Today was a really hot and sunny day so I chose to work on the computer for most of the day. I didn’t anticipate the amount of work there was in to keeping my blog updated along with editing and uploading videos. I love doing it but it’s a bit of a trade off because I want to go out and see things as well. It is a worthwhile trade off in my mind when I read the awesome comments and feedback on everything. I have to remind myself that this is not a vacation, at times it can be but its to promote the high carb vegan lifestyle a long with sustainability :) .

I left Da Nang around 2PM since I had a short ride in to Hoi An. I stopped at 7km in to my ride for a quick meal of rice to keep me going since I had only had a small breakfast. As much as I dislike eating cooked food, I’ve been enjoying a lot of the rice and veggie meals here. When I would eat rice and veggies in Canada, I would steam rice with frozen veggies and drench it soy sauce to improve the flavour. Everything here is super fresh, delicious and cheap. A good meal of rice can range from $0.75 to $1.50. The odd time it’s a bit more but typically in that range. Typically if you go to the places that look more run down and less sophisticated, they are generally cheaper than the nicer looking places.

I arrive in to Hoi An and few hours later since I got a little lost but when I rolled in, I immediately felt a different vibe in this town. You notice immediately how touristy everything is and how friendly everyone is. When I got into town, I stopped at a little pub to get some hotel recommendations from some people I saw there. This is the first time I’ve had a face to face conversation in english since I left Hanoi. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to talk to people and not have to think about what you are saying. The couple recommended a small hotel on this side street where they stayed for the past few nights.

I roll up and they tell me they have rooms on the roof top. Roof top??? What the heck. I didn’t really understand until I got all the way up there and realized they have these small little rooms on the roof of the hotel. It was only $5 for the night so I opted to stay for two nights since I wanted to stay put for a day and do some looking around and fun stuff :) .

It isn’t the most luxurious accommodations but this isn’t a trip of luxury :P . There is a holiday going on in Vietnam this weekend, not sure which one but the prices of hotels went up and they were more difficult to find as most were booked up. I’m glad I found this one at a very reasonable rate. It’s the cheapest one I’ve found thus far as most have been around $10-$12.

I head out in to the town and enjoy all the holiday festivities. There was music, dancing and people just having lots of fun. The way holiday’s should be! I left the camera in the hotel on purpose so I could focus on enjoying the time rather than taking pictures.

I retire for the night and spend the next day relaxing and walking around. Was glorious :) .

Sorry for the lack of photos, my memory card took a dump and I lost 5 days worth of photos!


  1. Tim

    May 4, 2012

    I’m glad to hear/read you had some fun with the locals.
    Sucks about the memory card.
    Leaving the camera in the hotel. Hmmmm.
    I researched the camera you have. I wish that I could have had the option to purchase one like that 5 years ago. I paid $750 for an actual video camera that had no versatility like yours.
    Technology just won’t stop.

    • Derek Howlett

      May 7, 2012

      I’m usually only staying for one night so I don’t mind leaving my stuff in the room for the day

      if I’m leaving for the day to go out and do stuff then I usually have all my expensive important stuff with me lol

      technology is awesome, I got this camera for dirt cheap too ;)

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